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Jasper Berndt

Investment Analyst

FairCap takes a holistic approach to corporate governance, integrating all stakeholders and their individual interests. In this respect, FairCap acts not only as a pioneering partner in the field of sustainability, but also as a committed owner for sellers who care deeply about the well-being of their company and their employees.

Jasper Berndt

Jasper Berndt is completing an internship at FairCap as an Investment Analyst and already has a wide range of professional experience. Most recently, he worked at the M&A consultancy Roedl & Partner with a focus on M&A transactions in the mid-market. His diverse background is characterized by various experiences abroad, which give him a broad perspective on intercultural aspects.

He is in the final stages of his bachelor studies at ESB Business School and has extended his academic career by studying at Academia de Studii Economice in Bucharest.

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