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FairCap completes acquisition of S & P Federnwerk

Munich, September 2nd 2021 – FairCap has successfully completed the acquisition of S & P Federnwerk GmbH & Co. KG (“S & P”) from Lesjöfors AB, a subsidiary of Beijer Alma AB. The transaction is supported by S & P’s CEO Tristan Becker who acquires a 20% stake in S & P alongside FairCap.

Technische Federn S & P Federnwerk

S & P is a German spring manufacturer whose customers are mainly active in the agricultural and automotive sector. The company is situated in Nisterau (Germany) and generated sales of approximately EUR 11m in 2020 with about 60 employees.

Tristan Becker, CEO of S & P states: “Investing in S & P together with FairCap demonstrates my strong belief in the prosperous future of the company. S & P has promising opportunities to sustainably grow its business with technical springs serving customers in the agricultural and automotive sector.”

Max Koch-Heintzeler, Managing Partner of FairCap adds: “Supported by an entrepreneurial CEO and motivated employees, we see a lot of potential in S & P’s further development as a specialized manufacturer of technical springs. Our experienced operational experts will support the local management in the carve-out transition period and in achieving its long-term growth plans. Sustainability will be a key part of S & P’s long-term strategy.”

Ola Tengroth, President of Lesjöfors, comments: “We are convinced that S & P will have a favorable development with its new owners.”

About FairCap

FairCap GmbH is an entrepreneurial investment company which acquires small and medium-sized companies in special situations (e.g. carve-out, succession) and actively supports their development. In contrast to typical private equity funds, FairCap is a long-term holding company (“evergreen structure”), which is not subject to a fund term and can hold investments over the long run. Sustainability is a core element of FairCap’s investment approach.

Advisors to FairCap: Heuking Lüer Wojtek (Legal) led by Benedikt Raisch and Rainer Herrschlein; HWS Steuern/Prüfung/Recht (Tax) led by Martin Helmich.


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