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Transformation | Carve-Out | Special Situation


Munich – London – Milan

About FairCap

FairCap is an entrepreneurial investment company with locations in Munich, Milan and London, which acquires medium-sized companies in special situations (transformation, carve-out, MBO, MBI) and develops them holistically, taking financial, ecological and social aspects into account.


The long-term oriented family office Discover Capital GmbH is an anchor investor of FairCap and at the same time an advisor to the successful fund boutique SQUAD Fonds, which manages over EUR 1 bn in assets under advisory. In total, FairCap has funds of around EUR 30 million at its disposal.


In contrast to typical private equity funds, FairCap is an entrepreneurial investment company ("evergreen structure"), which is therefore not subject to a fund term and can also hold investments over the long term. 


We offer a high level of reliability, speed and professionalism. We see entrepreneurs and corporations as customers, whose needs are met with tailor-made and flexible solutions. 


Together with management and employees, we work on measures that aim to achieve a measurable positive impact on three levels (1) people, (2) planet and (3) profitability.

We actively support companies on their journey
operational excellence and improved sustainability.


FairCap's investment approach aims to improve and integrate the triple bottom line: people, planet and profitability.



  • Employee satisfaction

  • Equal opportunity

  • Protect human rights

  • Prevention of corruption

  • Regional community



  • Planetary boundaries

  • CO2 neutrality

  • Circular economy

  • Conservation of biodiversity

  • Animal welfare 


  • Risk-adjusted return

  • Improved profitability

  • Good governance

  • Innovation

  • Entrepreneurship

FairCap Modell
FairCap, Private Equity, Carve-Out, Spin-off, Turnaround Investor, Europa, Deutschland, Investor, Corporate Konzerne

Advantages for Corporates

We have many years of experience in the implementation of numerous complex corporate carve-outs and spin-offs. In contrast to traditional financial investors, FairCap pursues an integral investment approach that also takes non-financial aspects into account. We are reliable transaction partners who offer professionalism, flexibility and speed.

Advantages for Entrepreneurs

We offer entrepreneurs tailor-made succession solutions and enable a responsible handover. We provide long-term capital and have no near term intention to sell. Our added value lies in operational support - not in financial engineering. The goal is the long-term preservation and further development of entrepreneurial achievements.

FairCap, Private Equity, Carve-Out, Spin-off, Turnaround Investor, Europa, Deutschland, Investor, Unternehmer

Investment criteria





Special situation





€ 20 million - € 250 million




negative to

+ € 5.0 million (positive) 



Business focus in Europe




Exclusion criteria: pure liquidation cases, start-ups, banks, bio-tech and minority holdings.

Excluded industries: weapons, tobacco, factory farming.

About us

We are united by the passion to achieve great things through the active management of our investments. We strive to make a positive contribution to the economy, society and the environment.

The FairCap team combines many years of experience with more than 30 completed M&A transactions and the operational re-alignment of companies.

Our culture is based on professionalism, authenticity and a sense of responsibility.

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