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FairCap is pursuing aan active participationapproach with a special focus on sustainability:


Sustainability is a term defined by the United Nations as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In this sense, the FairCap sustainability strategy aims to achieve measurable improvement and thus impact on the following 3 levels:

  • People 

  • Planet 

  • Profit

Everyone connected to FairCap should benefit (“win-for-all”): employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and investors. Our culture is based on trust, authenticity and a sense of responsibility towards all stakeholders.


We treat employees with respect and appreciation. In the FairCap Group, leadership, promotion and constant improvement should continuously contribute to a healthy and strong corporate culture in which people can develop their potential, develop and use their talents and are rewarded with a feeling of satisfaction for their contribution. Communication should always be honest, objective and with the aim of joint further development. We create a real medium-sized company culture that is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit and in which every employee is jointly responsible for the overall success. In addition to fair wages, we offer opportunities for personal and professional development. We continuously measure the success of our philosophy using employee surveys.

Mitarbeiter, FairCap, Private Equity, Carve-Out, Spin-off, Turnaround Investor, Europa, Deutschland, Investor
Umwelt, Nachhaltig, FairCap, Private Equity, Carve-Out, Spin-off, Turnaround Investor, Europa, Deutschland, Investor


For us, conscious and sustainable action is an elementary part of our corporate strategy. We are convinced that companies and people must shape life on the planet in the long term in such a way that ecosystems and thus the basis of life for people and other living beings are preserved. This requires a rethink in companies and in society with regard to the use of resources and the treatment of the environment, including the animal world. As investors, we want to initiate this change in awareness and the measures to be derived from it in good time. We work closely with leading sustainability consultancies in order to develop and implement sustainability measures tailored to the respective portfolio company. Furthermore, we follow the goal of achieving a circular economy. The long-term goal of this approach is the design of production systems in the form of closed cycles and the resulting avoidance or significant reduction of emissions, waste and energy consumption.


We are convinced that responsible investing and attractive returns can not only be combined, but also cannot be separated in the long term. We are an active investor and support the local management with our operational experts during the realignment. When selecting our employees, we pay particular attention to a shared set of values in addition to professional skills. In contrast to typical private equity funds, FairCap is a long-term holding company ("evergreen structure"), which is therefore not subject to a fund term and can hold investments over the long term.

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