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Jasper Delekat

Managing Partner

The philosophy behind FairCap is to unite a positive social impact with financial returns. We think long-term and therefore invest in employees, innovation and sustainability.

Jasper Delekat

Jasper Delekat is Managing Partner and co-founder of FairCap, where he played a key role in the carve-out and further development of the portfolio company Exprotec. Previously, he worked in the operations and investment team of the listed investment company Mutares. There, as CFO, he supported the successful realignment of FDT Flachdachtechnologie, a medium-sized company in the construction industry. In addition, as an investment manager, he executed various complex transactions and carve-outs in the mechanical engineering, industrial and waste management sectors.
Jasper studied in the Netherlands as well as in Singapore and holds a M.Sc. in International Business - Finance from Maastricht University.

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